Wednesday, 16 May 2018


Following on from yesterdays Alaska Achievers Blog Hop HERE, welcome back to see the directions for making my Miniature Wine Bottle Gift Box.
I have found that the height of the miniature bottles can vary, so please make a draft yourself from scrap card to make sure you are happy with the height first.  You can see the Pinot Grigio in the photo above is shorter than the others !

I wanted to be able to make this from one sheet of A4 card so this is where you will need to start.

1.  Cut your card 8" x 7.5".

2.  With long side at the top, score at 1-1/4", 2-1/2", 3-3/4", 5", 6-1/4" and 7-1/2".

3.  Turn 1/4 turn.  Score at 1-1/4" across top and bottom.

4.  Snip up the bottom blue lines where indicated up to the 1-1/4" score line.  Cut away two small corner sections as indicated.

5.  On the top flaps, measure in 3/8" from each flap edge as indicated on template.  Cut away these on the angle as indicated. 

6.  Place a ruler 3/8" down from the top, marking a pencil dot in the centre where hole will be punched for ribbon.  Punch holes as indicated.

7.  Place adhesive where marked GLUE FLAP and connect together to make a tube.

8.  Fold in all bottom flaps to form a base.  I prefer to attach the two opposites in pairs, holding glue area with tweezers until secure.

9.  If you wish to make your own washers round the ribbon holes, punch spaced holes in coordinating colour.  Re-punch centred over the top, using 1/2" circle punch.  This will make washers to glue round outside box holes.

10.  To decorate cut one mat layer at 4-3/4" x 1".  If you require two layers, cut the middle one to 12.5cm x 3cm (sorry to mix inches and cm, but this worked better !)

11.  Insert miniature wine bottle and thread ribbon.  Tie with bow to fasten.

12.  With the larger version, I have reinforced the base with scallop circles.  This size is not heavy enough to warrant extra strength, but you can do if you wish, using TWO Layering Circles Framelits #141705, slightly bigger than the base.
I hope you have fun creating this.  Think of me when I was creating this original Miniature template at 4:30am and how many goes it took to get it right !!!!

Happy craftin'
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  1. I live in the middle of a wine growing region in New Zealand. I can see this project being a winner. Thank you for sharing all yourvpainstaking work.

  2. This is a great tutorial - thanks for sharing it!


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